Connecting to Tableau

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In order to use Kiwi with Tableau, you have to create a connection to Tableau first.
Kiwi imports metadata for all workbooks and views available to the Tableau user used to connect.


  1. You have at least Publisher access to your Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

  2. Your Tableau Server must be accessible to Kiwi. With Tableau Online this is always the case. With Tableau Server this is the case if your Server is openly accessible on the internet.

    If your Tableau Server is only accessible inside your company network, please read on here.

3. A valid username and password. See details if you have SSO 

Establishing a Connection

  1. In Kiwi, click on "Connect to Tableau"

  2. Open any page in your Tableau account on the site that you want to connect, copy the URL and paste it to the URL field. We'll figure out the correct URL and sitename.

  3. Enter the username and password of the Tableau user account that you want to use. Note that only views available to that particular user will be available in Kiwi.

  4. Click "Connect"

  5. Click "Activate" to finish.

  6. All imported views are only accessible by you and other admin users. Therefore you need to define permissions for other users.

To connect to another site or a different server just repeat these steps.

Kiwi will sync meta-information about views and workbooks automatically every 24 hours to keep your Tableau contents and Kiwi in sync.

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