Creating and Managing scheduled Reports (Monitors)

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Monitors Overview

To add a new monitor or edit an existing monitor open the Kiwi Admin Panel by going to and signing in. Then switch to "Monitors" ( You will then see a list of all monitors including their status and properties: 

On the left side, next to the title of the monitor, you can see the status of the monitor: paused or active

Are located on the right side next to the title.
Edit: Change the title, settings, recipients, views, etc. of the report.
Manage Activate (enable monitor), Run Once (run the monitor once - every recipient will receive the predefined reports), Execution Log (shows a log).
Send to me: Send the monitor to yourself to see what it looks like.
Trash: delete the monitor.

Run Options
Below the title, you will find details on the interval as well as the recipients and the defined distribution channel (MS Teams, Slack, and Email) of a scheduled report.

Tableau Views
Further down you can find the Views that will be included in a report that will be sent out to the different channels.

Creating a Monitor

On the Monitoring, overview page click on "+ Add" to create a new monitor. You will see the following screen:

General Settings

Name: Enter a name for the Monitor
Description: You can enter a description for the monitor if you like.

Note: The name and the description will be displayed together with the report.

Tableau Views

Views: Click in the input field and start typing to get prompted with matching Tableau Views. Click on a list entry in the dropdown list or hit enter to select the highlighted Tableau View. You can add as many Views as you like. Remove a View by clicking on the "x" next to the name.

You can then select a format and apply filters to each View.

"Merge all PDF files into one": If enabled, all PDFs will be merged into one single file.

"Only send views with new data": A View will only be added to the automated report when there is new data in the View.

"Advanced Settings": Will open the live chat with us at the moment - we're glad to get any feature suggestions from you.


Option 1 - Schedule
Define a pattern for the automated distribution of your reports.

Option 2 - Data Condition
This is a feature we're working on right now. If you have any suggestions for data conditions, please let us know.

: You can use the webhook provided to trigger the report from an external source.

(Distribution-) Action

Scheduled reports can be sent to E-Mail receivers, MS Teams channels, and Slack channels. While E-Mail receivers are always available, Slack and MS Teams are only available if you signed up via Slack or MS Teams.


You can add people of your company or even external recipients. Just start typing and select available people from the dropdown or add them as new recipients if they are not available from the list.
Note: For any recipient who is not yet in your company (in Kiwi), will be created a new user automatically.

MS Teams

A distribution channel to MS Teams is directly set up within the MS Teams connector for a channel. See further guidance on setting up an MS Teams Connector here.
Once you successfully connected a scheduled report to an MS Teams channel you can see that in the overview:

Save Monitor

Click on "Save" to create the monitor. It will be activated by default.
🎉 Congratulations - you just set up your first monitor 😎

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