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Connect Tableau with Microsoft Teams and receive automated, scheduled reports to your channels
Written by Carsten
Updated 1 year ago

Kiwi for Microsoft Teams lets you connect your Tableau Server or Tableau Online with any channel in your MS Teams. Simply receive automated Tableau views and dashboards. 

First, search for Kiwi or Tableau in the MS Teams App Store and install it for your MS Team. Then go on and select connectors for a specific channel. Go on and click "Configure".

Signup or login

If you are new to Kiwi you need to create an account. In case you already have one, just login with your email and password.

Create a Tableau connection and setup monitor

Once logged in there are two things to do:

  1. Connect your Tableau Server / Online

  2. Create a schedule report

Click "Connect Tableau" and the kiwi app opens in a new browser window.

Go on and connect Tableau and create a scheduled report. If you just want to send the report to MS Teams leave E-Mail fields empty.
Now everything in Kiwi is set and you can go back to MS Teams.

Connect an MS Teams channel with a scheduled report

All you have to to do is select an appropriate report (by name) and click save :)
Now, you will receive the report into your MS Teams channel, looking something like....

Test connections

You can trigger a test run for your report.
Go to Manage then click "RUN ONCE". It will take a few seconds until your Tableau view appears in your MS Teams channel.

If you like to delete the connection of a report with an MS Teams channel while going to Manage and clicking "Remove".

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