Getting started with Tableau Chrome Extension

Written by Carsten
Updated 1 year ago

1. Get Tableau for Chrome Extension

Go to the google chrome web-store and add Tableau Chrome by Kiwi.

2. Log in to Kiwi or create a new account

Just go to and log in with your Email or Slack account. The chrome extension will automatically login too.
If you are a first time Kiwi user you have to connect your Tableau Server or Tableau Online first (see here)

3. Have fun and test things out :)

  • Search any dashboard, view or workbook within seconds

  • Navigate through your workbooks

  • Pin views to relevant websites such as google analytics, salesforce or zendesk.

  • Refresh data / views from Tableau

4. Tell us: What do you like / What do you wish?

We wanted to build Tableau Chrome Extension as a frictionless, fast, and super easy tool to access BI information for analysts and business users alike. Chrome extensions are always just one click away. So you can pin a dashboard to certain websites and basically embed it into that page. 

However, this is the first version and we are curious to know how you and your team might use Tableau Chrome Extensions in your daily work. 

So please tell us what you like and what you wish.
...what about time travel through your dashboard? ...notes & comments attached to a view or documentation for business users? 

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