Connecting Kiwi with Slack

Written by Carsten
Updated 2 years ago

With our Slack integration you can:

  • Use your Slack account to login to Kiwi

  • Import all your team members to Kiwi

  • Send Reports from Tableau to a specified Slack channel or Slack user

  • Request and receive Tableau Views and Dashboards directly in Slack

How to Connect

If you don't have a Kiwi account yet, simply go to our signup page and click "Add to Slack".

If you are already a Kiwi user:

  1. Go to: Settings > Company

  2. Click "Add to Slack"

  3. Select your Slack team and click "Authorize".

This will connect your Slack account with Kiwi and import all your Slack members as users in Kiwi, allowing you to select them as recipients in Reports.
They will also be able to log in to Kiwi using their Slack account.
However, they will not get any notifications from Kiwi just by connecting to Slack.

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