Slack Tableau Live Filtering

How to set up, configure and use the Tableau Live Filters in Slack with Kiwi
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Our Slack Tableau Live Filtering makes it easy for your team to filter Tableau views directly within Slack without the need to log into Tableau.

How to set up Live Filtering

To enable the Live Filtering in Slack you need to enable the feature for each of your views within your Kiwi Admin Panel

In the "Portal" tab you choose the workbook and then the view you want to enable the Live Filtering for. After clicking on the chosen view you will see an overview of preferences for that view.

Click on the "+ NEW" button in the "Custom Filters" Section and the setup window for the Live Filters will pop up. On the top click on the "Create" button in the "Slack Live Filters" section. 

Click on the toggle switch to activate the corresponding live filter in Slack. You can leave the dropdown menu empty to enable all filters or limit the filters by selecting only a few dimensions. 

Note: You can only select four different filters for live filtering, as this is the limit of Slack.

How to create and distribute Kiwi commands for Live Filters

We also added a feature to create Kiwi commands for live filters to distribute easily to your colleagues. Just select the desired parameters for each filter in the dropdown menu and the Kiwi command at the bottom of the window will give you the exact Kiwi command for that specific filter view. 

You can copy & paste the command as you wish and use them for yourself or shoot them to your colleague that always needs that specific view.

This is a helpful feature if anyone requires a specific view on a regular basis and you want to save both of you time.

How to use Live Filtering in Slack

To use Live Filters you just need to select the desired Tableau view in Slack by either using the general command /kiwi or by typing in the direct Kiwi command described above. 

Either way, click on the filter, select your parameters and Kiwi will reload the desired and filtered Tableau view for you within seconds. 

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